Naughty Turtles

Went for a coffee at Poplars today and on the way out I saw these naughty turtles on the side. Someone was obviously having a good laugh when they placed these two down, but I did feel slightly sorry for the young lad on the service till who clearly hadn't noticed them until I stopped... Continue Reading →


Today was the day, Miriam from CQC came to inspect the practice to make sure that we are compliant with their requests. I think (fingers-crossed) that we had everything she wanted sorted, she seemed pretty impressed anyway!Now that today is over with I can breath a sigh of relief and hopefully have a chilled weekend.


Remember when I said I was busy doing stuff for the CQC inspection tomorrow - this included making some new Audit templates for Prescriptions. I literally think I have had about enough of spreadsheets and that appears to be quite obvious with the mistake I made in my sheet!Fingers crossed all the hard work shows... Continue Reading →

Pete’s Place Please

Jen wanted a cheese and ham toasty.... and once she started we all wanted something from Pete's. Pete's is a little cafe in the village we work in and it's so nice in there. Its so reasonably priced and food is really good.  My personal favourite is a fish finger sandwich and a slice of salted... Continue Reading →

Monday Madness

It's back to Monday again and it's going to be a busy week for us. Alfie is away but CQC are visiting on Thursday and I have a lot to organise before then. However, you know what they say, All work and no play makes you boring AF haha! I feel like Kirsty and I... Continue Reading →

Evening Friend

Rich was at Badminton tonight for the first time in a while, which meant I spent some chill time on the PlayStation; My little friend decided to join me because my bed is comfortable and the room is warm. I like how cosy my room is in the evenings and it's especially nice when the... Continue Reading →

Tree’s are changing too

And again with the Autumnal themed pictures - seriously I am obsessed. Took a trip up to Northampton to see Chicken and Lime (Helen & Liam) today and they made us dinner and cakes. They have lived in their hovel, as Helen calls it, for about 4 months now and its really coming along nicely.... Continue Reading →

Autumn at the Opticians

This clever and beautifully autumnal display is now in the window at the opticians next door to our work. I love don't know if I have mentioned but I love the Autumn and it makes me so happy to see the change in the shops & weather.

Back to Brown ?

If you followed my blog last year you will know that I previously had ginger brown hair, and in October I changed it up quite a lot to be blonde. I loved the blonde and I had really gotten used to it. It does, however come with a price tag that is just a little... Continue Reading →

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