Fruit Cake and Cuddles

I made the fruit cake! Well actually more accurately WE made fruit cake as Rich helped me a lot 🙂 It was so nice to have a chilled Saturday with no where to rush to and nothing pressing we needed to do. I helped out Claire by making some baby shower cupcakes for her friend Lauren, and... Continue Reading →

Friday Fun

Just me and Kirstles at work today with Alfie. It's so weird that everyone else is away and it's just the 3 of us. We have a nice weekend planned, a chilled Saturday where I will hopefully be making a fruit cake and then a Sunday lunch with The Adam's & Thompson's. 

Looks OK to me?

This is an x-ray of my little finger. I know this seems a little strange but my little finger has been so painful today, and the last time I had this kind of pain in one of my fingers it was because I broke it playing that Light smashing game at the arcade in Milton... Continue Reading →

Pharaoh Alfie

So today in the crazy world of dentistry..... haha! Elaine brought a costume from Amazon for an ancient Egyptian day at school that her son has coming up. She ordered a slightly bigger than his age costume which would fit him perfect as everything came up a little small.... everything apart from the hat which... Continue Reading →

Bag Hunting

Kirstles went bag hunting this morning and it was so funny!The clinical waste bags are kept in a box at the back of the cupboard and they all needed more in the surgeries. Kirsty volunteered to go into the back of the cupboard on the hunt  because shes a good boy! Although I think she... Continue Reading →

Weekend Wander

Today was a stressful day at work as one of our dentists is now off for a whole month, and I was so desperately wishing it was the weekend again so I could be spending my day with Rich. I love my weekends with this one and there is something so relaxing about walks in the... Continue Reading →

Dog Costume?

Bit of a debate in the house at the moment as to whether Loki looks the Nun or Zero from Nightmare before Christmas. Now that the colder evenings are coming in, my parents keep the curtain between the kitchen and the living room closed to stop the draft. Loki normally likes to lay in the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Kayla

Tonight was Kayla's leaving party. She is going to Australia for a year at the beginning of October and leaving behind our cold winter for the summer sun. She had a little party at the Play Football venue in Luton and it was a really nice evening. We didn't stay that long (We aren't really late... Continue Reading →

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