Bag Hunting

Kirstles went bag hunting this morning and it was so funny!The clinical waste bags are kept in a box at the back of the cupboard and they all needed more in the surgeries. Kirsty volunteered to go into the back of the cupboard on the hunt  because shes a good boy! Although I think she... Continue Reading →

Weekend Wander

Today was a stressful day at work as one of our dentists is now off for a whole month, and I was so desperately wishing it was the weekend again so I could be spending my day with Rich. I love my weekends with this one and there is something so relaxing about walks in the... Continue Reading →

Dog Costume?

Bit of a debate in the house at the moment as to whether Loki looks the Nun or Zero from Nightmare before Christmas. Now that the colder evenings are coming in, my parents keep the curtain between the kitchen and the living room closed to stop the draft. Loki normally likes to lay in the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Kayla

Tonight was Kayla's leaving party. She is going to Australia for a year at the beginning of October and leaving behind our cold winter for the summer sun. She had a little party at the Play Football venue in Luton and it was a really nice evening. We didn't stay that long (We aren't really late... Continue Reading →

Naughty Turtles

Went for a coffee at Poplars today and on the way out I saw these naughty turtles on the side. Someone was obviously having a good laugh when they placed these two down, but I did feel slightly sorry for the young lad on the service till who clearly hadn't noticed them until I stopped... Continue Reading →


Today was the day, Miriam from CQC came to inspect the practice to make sure that we are compliant with their requests. I think (fingers-crossed) that we had everything she wanted sorted, she seemed pretty impressed anyway!Now that today is over with I can breath a sigh of relief and hopefully have a chilled weekend.


Remember when I said I was busy doing stuff for the CQC inspection tomorrow - this included making some new Audit templates for Prescriptions. I literally think I have had about enough of spreadsheets and that appears to be quite obvious with the mistake I made in my sheet!Fingers crossed all the hard work shows... Continue Reading →

Pete’s Place Please

Jen wanted a cheese and ham toasty.... and once she started we all wanted something from Pete's. Pete's is a little cafe in the village we work in and it's so nice in there. Its so reasonably priced and food is really good.  My personal favourite is a fish finger sandwich and a slice of salted... Continue Reading →

Monday Madness

It's back to Monday again and it's going to be a busy week for us. Alfie is away but CQC are visiting on Thursday and I have a lot to organise before then. However, you know what they say, All work and no play makes you boring AF haha! I feel like Kirsty and I... Continue Reading →

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