Happy Times

I had a fairly quiet Saturday. I chilled out and didn't really do a great deal which was nice. I did end up going through thousands of photos that were on my phone that needed to be uploaded to my computer. I found this one that Leanne sent me from the wedding the other week... Continue Reading →

Well Done Elaine

So.. it may seem a little weird but this picture of Advent calendars made my day a little. Every year Elaine forgets to get advent calendars. It gets to December and shes forgotten, well not this year! Today she sent me a photo of the advent calendars that she had brought and it made me... Continue Reading →

Happy Apple

Found this happy apple in my lunch bag today- obviously got its "eyes" when I chucked it in the fridge....but every smiley face needs a mouth so I gave him one and he became Gareth. I've been learning to see the little things in life that can make you smile.

For Real ?!

Explaining the events of the the end of last week and the weekend to Kirstles.... She wasn't impressed....with a lot of people! I have been feeling pretty down about it all so Kirstles and Clizz have been working hard to cheer me up. I'm hoping the week wont be too bad at work this week.

Kingsmen 2

Went to see The Kingsmen 2 today with Rich and Helen. It was really good! I can't decide if I like the old one or the new one the best though!


This is a negative post and for that I apologize. Today I have learnt, that even when you haven't done anything wrong yourself, that you will earn blame on behalf of those people you have around you when you try to help them. Today I deleted my Facebook. I'm so sick of people using it... Continue Reading →

Ear Ear

Casual Friday at work means snapchats all around! Been fairly good week as it goes 🙂 After a lovely day off yesterday working the Friday 8-3 seemed super quick and I even better news is I dont have to work tomorrow now!

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