Happy Halloween Guys! All the nurses had cat ears and as always the appointment book was terrifyingly busy! After work, we headed home, where mum was ready for Halloween with the house all decorated; Que 2 hours of up and down to the door handing our sweets for me! Then made a golden syrup sponge... Continue Reading →

Date Night

Today is the last day at work without Kirstles- She's back tomorrow - about bloody time! We were running late all day at work and the phone was mental but there was no late night, so we all left at almost 5! Rich and I always spend Monday nights together, and tonight he treated me to... Continue Reading →

An Extra Hour!

Oh did I need that hour extra in bed! It was so nice to have a lye in this morning 🙂 Rich and I went over to see my Nan with her cute little dog- Bless him he's so soppy and adorable. I feel like I'm going to have a deceptively busy week this week-... Continue Reading →

Helen, Liam and a geek pumpkin

So today Rich and I met Helen's new boyfriend Liam. They have been together for a little while now and it was about time we got to meet him; He was really nice and we all spend the day together getting to know each other. Other than a few selfies with Rich, I didn't take any pictures;... Continue Reading →

New Nails

Got new nails today 🙂 I love a trip to Pretty Polish they really are amazing. Felt a huge sigh of relief when I got to sit down this evening, I feel like its just been the longest week and really needed to just sit down and chill. Looking forward to meeting Helen's boyfriend tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Amost Pie-fect

I actually have some of my blog posts kind of titled for the next few days and it has just reminded me that the clocks go back this weekend - meaning we get an extra hour in bed! OMG I need it! I made a pie; A real life, I made it myself, made the... Continue Reading →

Running Low

Today was such a long day. Ravi & I had a lot of patients today that needed a lot of treatment and it meant that we were at work really late 😦 When I finally did get home I was so tired and still had so much to do. Quick dinner for me and then... Continue Reading →

Half Day Tuesday

Today I only worked a half day as I went to see Becky again. Since dying my hair a second time it has been really unhappy with me, and has gotten a bit dry and frizzy. I totally expected this as my hair has been through a lot but I really want to maintain the health... Continue Reading →

Half Term Terror

First Day of half term at work and it was MENTAL! We get soo busy during half term with all the families and teachers wanting to get all their appointments in that when we have an emergency call its hard to find the space for them. Even worse this week is that Kirstles is on... Continue Reading →

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