Elf Arrival

It's official December is tomorrow! I am so excited My Elf on a Shelf has arrived for the month of festive fun and I cannot wait to see what he gets up to! I'll be posting a photo every day to go along with my Photo a day December challenge

Medicated Morning

After avoiding everyone's colds the last few weeks, it finally got me today 😦 I can't afford to be ill as I have so much going on this week, but I think I have to admit defeat and just accept I may be out of action for a few days 😦 At least my sister... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Helen

Today is Helen's birthday 🙂 to celebrate she's away with her boyfriend Liam for a few days. I feel really lucky to have Helen in my life. Helen is like a "dual-position person"; Friend and 'sister'. She is really chill, really logical and we can talk about pretty much anything. She's a brilliant listener and... Continue Reading →

Day for a Date

Monday was better than Sunday, well in the evening anyway. Work was a stead flow of patients all day, but we managed to get out of work on time. Rich and I went for dinner and had a really nice evening together ❤ After the weekend, I think we needed a nice date night. We got... Continue Reading →

-1° and comfort cake

I'm not going to lie, today has not been great....and it all started at -1° this morning on the way to work. Things didn't exactly go according to plan but it did mean finishing slightly earlier than expected. The rest of the day was, yeah not ideal .... so as this blog got its picture... Continue Reading →

Colin the Caterpillar

Today we had Caterpillar chocolate cake from M&S because it is Helen's birthday on Tuesday 🙂 Tonight will be the last time we are all together for a meal before then because Helen is going away from Sunday till Wednesday; It's a surprise trip organised by her boyfriend Liam for her birthday (Awh so cute!... Continue Reading →

Banoffee Pie

Claire made Banoffee Pie! Nice little treat when I got home tonight. Had a busy day at work today and then Rich and I had to pop over to Kingston to collect something from M & S. It was quite nice to have a little wander around M&S looking at their Christmas bits and pieces;... Continue Reading →

Play Alan

We had a busy day and I was very stressed out at times. I didn't take any pictures of my day but I did screenshot this snapchat that Kirstles sent me when she was trying to cheer me up! When I did finally finish work I came back to pizza already in the oven cooking... Continue Reading →

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