I’m Back

First day back to work after a nice time off is always hard, but managed to get through it. I was teaching Kirstles how to work with Ravi today and so that was a good laugh. The weather isn't too bad back home but I can't help but wish I was back in Venice! I... Continue Reading →

May 2017

May was a pretty awesome month for me that eneded in a wonderful holiday! I can't believe how quickly 2017 is going! I am super looking forward to the summer and all the great plans I have with my friends!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Although we got back last night, there was still no work today! Had a very chilled out day and then went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film - which I thought was really good!

Happy Birthday Amy-Lou!

Today is Amy's Birthday! I have known Amy for a long time now and she is one of my best friends! She is spending the day with her gorgeous children and her lovely husband Scott is taking her to see the Pirates of the Caribbean! Happy Birthday Amy-lou!!

Time to go home

Today was our last day in Venice. We decided to spend the day staying on the island of Murano and doing some shopping and chilling. The flight home wasn't too bad, even if we were delayed by an hour and a half!

The Lido

There is only one island that has cars on it and that is the Lido. It was quite a long boat trip to get there and it was super hot out in the sun but we did manage to make it to the beach on the far side of the Island. We ventured back to... Continue Reading →

Via Garibaldi

A nice casual trip around the island today on the water bus! We were aiming for a street called Via Garibaldi, which is somewhere that Rob and Beryl recommended we look for. As you can see we found it...and I got to enjoy some Ice-cream in the shade - the Italians do amazing Ice-cream!

The Doge’s Palace

Today was really warm! We went over to Venice and had a wander around the Doge's palace; It is so beautifully ornate and the architecture of the building is amazing. On a slightly less educational level....there were poke stops everywhere once you could get GPS lol!

Time for a Holiday

So today is my 200th blog post ! YAY! -Also...I'm off to Venice for a few days! The flight was good and the hotel is amazing! I'm looking forward to a really chilled out few days enjoying the sunshine! Found a nice little pizzeria just around the corner and over the bridge from our hotel... Continue Reading →

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