March 2017

March was both a challenging but good month. I feel like there were so many things happening it was hard to keep track of them all. There were a lot of birthdays and meals out, but it was just nice to spend time with my special people.

We did it!

Today was the last day of this years UDA contract and we managed to reach our target! YAY! It was good to know that all our hard work paid off. I am super proud of my team for, quite honestly, working their backsides off for the last month to make sure we achieved it. Now... Continue Reading →

Pizza Hut and Ice-cream

After what was a busy day at work I met up with the boys for a much needed pizza hut trip. The boys and I haven’t had a lot of time to meet up and have a good old chat recently and so it was nice to spend time with them. After Pizza (Which Lee... Continue Reading →

IKEA and stuff

Kirstles and I decided that after playing Beach buggy racing for an hour before dinner, we would make a trip to Ikea for a new bedroom Lamp. As it turns out they have a lot of cool stuff in Ikea but I ended up buying my new bedroom stuff from Asda instead Lol 😛

Went for a wander

Fairly average Tuesday to be honest. Elaine was in and on the desk, which gave Kirstles and I a chance to walk down to the post office and collect a completely pointless parcel of leaflets. I won’t lie it did also give us a change to catch a new pokemon! Lol 😛

Last Double Late

Today is our last Monday with both of the dentists working late as we are into our final week of the financial year. We are very close to making our target and so just this last push should get us there without too many problems.

Mothers Day

Today was Mothers day; A day to celebrate mothers and I have to say mine is pretty awesome. As a special mothers day treat Claire and I have brought Mum a spa trip 🙂

All the Legos!

My first Saturday in a long time where I had no plans! Up early with mum to do the shopping and I had to scrape the bloody car! It was like 2 degrees outside- Not what I was expecting at all! Chilled out afternoon, engrossed in Lego was really nice and of course there were... Continue Reading →

Curry with Mummy

Everyone was out tonight except Mum and I, so we went to Waitrose and got ourselves a curry. Watching TV and chatting with her was really nice 🙂 I thankfully have a pretty chilled out weekend which should be nice; Seeing a few people and enjoying some me time.

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