Yolo in the Sky

The really hot weather continued today, and it was even hotter than yesterday! Kirstles and I decided to cool off with a nice frappe at Starbucks and then a good old drive about..... They sky looked so nice on the way back I decided to take a picture

It’s so hot!

It's soo hot here! I literally don't know why we have the weather of Spain at the moment but it's getting way too hot to work- The temperate in the surgery reached 36 degrees today!

Warm Sunday

A warm Sunday requires nice drinks and a trip to Zizzi of course. They have their new summer menu out and so I decided to try their new pink G & T - It was really nice, and I don't even drink Gin!

Creepy Scarecrows

Helen and I have a little game going on of who can find the creepiest looking thing to take a picture of! (This started with Clowns and the Home alone kid....) Here was Helen's creepy picture of the week.... I have to say they are a little terrifying to look at!

Portuguese Breakfast?

This morning Kirstles and I had a Portuguese tarts for breakfast from the Co-op - actually very nice! Typical Friday at work followed by a chill evening at Starbucks for a few coffee's.

Thoughtful Thursday

Today was a strange day for me, I did a lot of thinking. Thinking about situations that I have been in over the last year, things that have happened over the last few weeks and the things that I have coming up this year and next. I may not be perfect and I dont' have... Continue Reading →

What a day Wedesday

It was one of those days where my Denplan stress apple took a beating. I stepped on some toes that needed stamping on today, and I don't regret it. Sometimes in life situations occur that really make you think about how you let people treat you. Sometimes keeping quiet is the best thing to do,... Continue Reading →

Terrible Tuesday

Today was a terrible Tuesday.....Rich had an accident (He's okay),  work was really busy, there was a power cut and I was on my own on the desk. Needless to say the entire packet of Jam 'n creams I ate definitely helped!

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