June 17

Cakes and Stuff

Today I made 40 cupcakes for a 21st birthday masquerade ball. They were for Jenny who is my friend Amy’s youngest sister.
After an hour or so of vanilla frosting everywhere, the evening called for a trip to Tesco to buy chocolate for my mum (Who was recording Love Island for me- Thanks Mum) and Starbucks of course!

June 17


Tonight we went to see the new Transformers film.
For some reason we ended up seeing a film with subtitles, which, surprisingly don’t distract from the film as much as you would think.
The only thing was that it was really empty in the cinema, I guess the idea of subtitles puts some people off maybe…hey we weren’t complaining!

June 17

Meeting Louise Pentland

Was sooooo excited today as Lisa & I got to meet Louise Pentland!

She is one of my favourite Youtubers and bloggers and she has written a new book called “Wilde Like Me”. She was doing a signing in the Waterstones in Milton Keynes and I got to go and meet her and get my copy of the book signed!

Ps. I did have a photo taken with Louise – But I looked truly awful! and so decided not to post it – She of course looked amazing!