Cakes and Stuff

Today I made 40 cupcakes for a 21st birthday masquerade ball. They were for Jenny who is my friend Amy's youngest sister. After an hour or so of vanilla frosting everywhere, the evening called for a trip to Tesco to buy chocolate for my mum (Who was recording Love Island for me- Thanks Mum) and... Continue Reading →


Tonight we went to see the new Transformers film. For some reason we ended up seeing a film with subtitles, which, surprisingly don't distract from the film as much as you would think. The only thing was that it was really empty in the cinema, I guess the idea of subtitles puts some people off... Continue Reading →

Meeting Louise Pentland

Was sooooo excited today as Lisa & I got to meet Louise Pentland! She is one of my favourite Youtubers and bloggers and she has written a new book called "Wilde Like Me". She was doing a signing in the Waterstones in Milton Keynes and I got to go and meet her and get my... Continue Reading →

Love Island Obsessed

We are obsessed with Love Island (And this filter on snapchat!) It's all we ever seem to talk about at work and all we ever watch in the evenings! Now, when I go out with Kirstles in the week we have to make sure we are back for 9pm so we don't miss it -... Continue Reading →

Yes Deer!

Such a busy Monday at work, and it was just relentless the whole day! But a lovely trip to Zizzi for dinner in the evening makes things much better. We even got to stop and take nice pictures of the deer in Woburn park on the way into Milton Keynes.

Substitute Sunday Selfie

Today was not a great day. It was a Sunday and I didn't really do a lot or go anywhere at all - So you will have to settle for this picture of my sunny selfie took on Wednesday night last week!

Drinks in the Pub

After work today, had a bit of a chill out and went shopping in Milton Keynes for some new work trousers. Went for a nice drink in the local pub with the boys in the evening, just to have a little catch up and chill out.

Lab Fun

Today I got this note back from the Lab - Muller is so funny! It was a quiet Friday but we are working again tomorrow morning so that might be why! Quick Dental Note - Do not eat rocks!

Finally Rain

Finally it rained! The temperature cooled down if only just a little, but it was a welcome change. We all had an alright day at work and enjoyed the rain outside the window, although we were promised a storm that never arrived!

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