Birthday Shopping

This morning I was treated to breakfast and shopping for my birthday 🙂 Then in the afternoon I went to Poplars garden centre for a scone and pot of tea with my friend Lisa, followed by chilled out evening. Ended up watching Freddy Vs. Jason on netflix, I have to say its a really weird... Continue Reading →

Pretty Polish

I had the day off work today and went to Pretty Polish Nails and Beauty in Toddington to get my nails done for my birthday with my mum. I think you'll agree they look pretty good! I LOVE the colour

Drawer Fish

Today Helen sent us this sign in our group whats app. She said it was to warn people that the drawer was open.... but I think it was a warning that drawer fish may make the floor slippery when they jump from it. Following the excitement that was Helen's drawer fish we all went to... Continue Reading →

Perfect Pavlova

Tonight on YOLO kitchen Kirstles and I made a strawberry pavlova and it was AMAZING! I don't really know what more to say about this magnificent dessert!

Tuesday Time

Today was an average Tuesday. I didn't really do a lot but I did upload all the pictured from the weekend on to my computer  - This is my favourite selfie from the hen party.

Gingerbread Claire

Monday's at work are always a bit meh! And after a bit of a down day yesterday I needed cheering up... So I brought all the girls a gingerbread man.... because I'm the best boss ever! 🙂

Quiet Sunday

Today was a quiet Sunday; I didn't really do a lot and I didn't see anyone so I didn't take any pictures so you will have to have a Selfie that I took in Costa on Friday afternoon 🙂

Dress Day

Today I went with Leanne, Mel, Dee and Leanne's Nan to try on our bridesmaid dresses which came in to the shop last week. They are such a lovely colour and really nice dresses! We have another fitting appointment in August and then it will be the big day 🙂

Soapy Alcohol

It's that time of year again, Alex's parents went away on holiday and we all went to Alex's to drink and be aweseome! Alex and Lee went to get the KFC, me and soapy went to Tesco for alcohol and Rich was at home because he wasn't very well 💔 😦 Ps - The lad on... Continue Reading →

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