Stevenage Mini Golf

Tonight I went to Mr.mulligans lost world mini golf in Stevenage with Soapy and Lisa. It's an indoor mini golf park with 2 18-hole courses and it was pretty fun.... we have decided that Top Golf should be our next adventure in golfing.

Sunday Catch up

Sunday's seem to be a quiet day for me, but even though it was chilled out, it was still productive. I FINALLY managed to catch up with everything blog wise - Before today I hadn't posted anything since June 30th! I got a little bit of my motivation back today and I'm hoping now that... Continue Reading →

Princess Eleanor and Hair Trial time

Today was Eleanor's Birthday party -She is my all time favourite, she literally melts my heart ❤  I saw her earlier in the week and took this super cute picture. Unfortunately we couldn't go to her picnic as Mel and I had a hair trial today for Leanne's wedding; which is literally like 5 weeks... Continue Reading →

The Flying Horse

Today is my mum and dad's 27th Wedding anniversary ❤ I had a really lovely birthday treat tonight as I was taken for a meal with my friends at The Flying Horse in Clophill. The food there is sooo good and it had a really lovely atmosphere. Of course, I had to take a selfie... Continue Reading →

Dinner with Lisa

I spent the morning with my mum just doing bits and pieces and then met Lisa in the evening for dinner. We went out to Wagamama in Milton Keynes and it was actually really busy! Our friend Adam looked very stressed. We didn't take any pictures so here is a photo that Lisa and I... Continue Reading →

Yolo Day

Every year, on the first Wednesday after my Birthday, Kirstles and I take the day off together and spend the day doing random stuff. This year we had breakfast out and went shopping, went to the new Hotel Chocolat cafe in MK, then we chilled at mine and did make up and just had a... Continue Reading →

Sausage Party and Pizza

I'm not working that much over the next two weeks so had a lot to get done today - Especially before out HR lady goes on annual leave - need to make sure we all get paid! After work I went to see my friend Kayla with Lee. It was really great to catch up... Continue Reading →

It’s my Birthday

So, Today is my birthday and I turned 26! My mum made me the most awesome unicorn cupcakes 🙂 and my sister brought me a unicorn balloon who we have named George. I had a fairly chilled day; Kirstles came over in the morning to have breakfast with us 🙂 Then I had a family... Continue Reading →

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