Late night Ideas

I won't lie, today I felt pretty crap about a lot of things. So late into the evening, Alex answered my coffee distress call and we went out to get a Starbucks. While we were talking we decided that we were going to start a list; a 2017 bucket list. On it we are going... Continue Reading →

January 2017

Kick starting 2017, January was difficult month for so many people. It is often referred to as one of the hardest months in the year; However, despite the miserable weather and several less than happy situations, we all pulled through it and will face February with a fresh outlook. Here are some of my favourite picture... Continue Reading →

A different View

Today at work was one of the most Monday-est Mondays I have had in a long time. So many annoying things happened, but then I went out for dinner; at my favorite place obviously, and it was all ok again 🙂 It was super busy when we arrived because there was a show on at the theater, so... Continue Reading →

Multi-coloured Mallows

These marshmallow twists are literally my happiness right now! They are soo good. I picked up a packet in Frosts garden center with my parents a few weeks back and they were so tasty I wanted to go back and get another packet; only problems is they close before I finish work during the week.... Continue Reading →

The cat whisperer

I had a lovely day with my friends Amy and Lisa. I went out for breakfast, I made a cat friend in Rufus and I had a lovely lunch at Poplars. I may have also over-sugared Eleanor and then had to chase her round Milton Keynes and the garden center but she's super adorable so I didn't mind.... Continue Reading →

“Filter” Coffee

I am beginning to think I spend too much of my time drinking coffee?.... You may have noticed that I love Snapchat! I think some of the filters are hilarious and especially when I make the boys join in. Ps: They ALL love a snapchat can tell! lol 😛

Coffee with Cake

I had to take Heinz to the Nissan hospital today as he was making a bit of a strange noise. Luckily after a run through the garage and some alterations he is back to top working form. While I waited I popped into the Center MK for a quick wander around John Lewis and a quick... Continue Reading →

Get it right Wednesday

Wednesdays can be a bit stressful for me as I have a lot to do in a short space of time. Today something that made me smile was the fact that the lad at Starbucks wrote "Ally" instead of "Ali" without me asking her.... little things!

Kirstles from Whoville

This picture makes me laugh so much! Kirstles and I are determined to keep our snap-steak alive even if it means sending pictures in which Kirstles looks a little like something out of Whoville lol 😛 P.s - Yes I did get Kirstles permission to put this photo on the internet.... 🙂  

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