February 17, Review

February 2017

wp-1488377701263.jpgFebruary was a much better month than its January predecessor.

I feel like I did a lot and saw a lot of people.
We went for afternoon tea for Leanne’s birthday, had more meals at Zizzi than I care to remember and I even got new stationery!

February 17

Pancake Perfection

wp-1488371715765.jpgPANCAKE DAY!

We made A LOT of pancakes! I think I ate about 6 😛
After dinner we were going to go to Starbucks, but it was raining and miserable outside so instead Kirstles and I went through looking at all the snapchat videos we have made…Let me tell you; We are hilarious!

February 17

Last Dinner

wp-1488371709329.jpgWork was pretty average today but the girls and I trooped on. Kirsty even curled my hair in our lunch break 🙂

Tonight was the last night that we got to have dinner with our favourite waitress at Zizzi. Iwona has been there for so long, and she is going on maternity leave in March.  We will miss her but hopefully she will return at the end of the year again.

February 17

Shopping for September

wp-1488371701589.jpgI had to work this morning! BOOO!
But, after work I got to go with Leanne to look at bridesmaid dresses for her big day in September.

Literally wedding dress shops are so beautiful: They are filled with so many sparkly and shiny things! Look how pretty all these shoes are!! I love shoes ❤

I think that Leanne has found the dresses she was looking for…but you’ll have to wait till September to see what she chose!