Day 22 – Christmas Cocktail

I made my own version of the 'White Christmas' cocktail today and it was actually really nice 🙂 Last day of work, all presents wrapped and arrangements made; it would seem I was ready for Christmas now! These two wrapped my desk... Very funny guys but I do actually have to work today!

Day 21- Favourite Decoration

This is one of my favourite decorations ever; It is a glass Disney decoration, the top is the Disney castle and the bell inside is Tinkerbell. It was brought when me and my family went to Disneyland Paris when I was younger and we have a set of them that have been on the tree ever... Continue Reading →

Day 20 – Presents

Today I got given this lovely bag of presents from Lorna 🙂 I love receiving gifts from people but it doesn't compare to the happiness I get from giving them to people. I go a bit crazy at Christmas because I just love giving people things and seeing them happy 🙂 Ralph and Holly went... Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Christmas Tree

This is one of many pretty Christmas trees in Milton Keynes 🙂 I spent the day with Kirstles out and about finishing off the last bits of Christmas shopping and wrapping. There two obviously wanted a lift shopping this morning

Day 18 – Festive Favourite

Tonight I got to have one of my absolute festive favourites. Rich took me to Zizzi and I enjoyed a 'White Christmas' cocktail ..... Literally these are amazing! I may have had more than one 😛 Caught these two spying on dad earlier.....maybe they are making sure he's on the nice list!

Day 15 – Christmas Lights

I love how warm and cosy Christmas lights make everything feel, and I can't believe its only 10 sleeps till Christmas! These two were being naughty acrobats hanging from mum's Christmas garlands

Day 14 – Festive Throwback

OMG! I was so little. For festive throwback I found some pictures of a younger me enjoying Christmas time. I like to think that I enjoy Christmas as much as an adult as I did when I was a child. Caught these two eating the sweets at work this morning! Don't you know we work... Continue Reading →

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