Day 31- Goodbye 2017

It was a mixed bag of a year; some not so great things happened in 2017, but thankfully I feel they were outweighed by the wonderful things that did happen this year. Amy-lou and Scott welcomed little Oliver into the world and he is just so adorable and squishy. Eleanor has grown up to be... Continue Reading →

Day 30 – Winter Weather

Today is a fairly mild, sunny day but we have had our share of winter weather this month! I'm hoping that we wont be getting any snow in January as I am starting to be a bit bored of the cold weather.

Day 29 – Chocolate

I LOVE  a Terry's chocolate orange, and I love these little segments bits. Had a bag of them open since Boxing day and just keep grabbing one every time I walk past them 🙂

Day 28 – Grateful For

There is so much in my life I have to be grateful for; My family, Rich, my friends, my home, my health and my freedom. I think this time of year really makes you think about all the things you are blessed to have.

Day 27 – Christmas Cake

I do love a Christmas Cake! One of the things I love this year is that I have Christmas cake at home that my mum made and Christmas cake at Rich's that his mum made....all the Christmas cake!

Day 26 – Boxing Day Delight

Boxing day or "Christmas day 2" was spent with my family at home. Mum made a really lovely Christmas dinner and we all spent nice, quality time together. I think Rich has enjoyed our first Christmas together, I certainly did 🙂 ❤

Day 25 – Christmas Dinner

My first Christmas day with the Kemp family and it was really lovely. Beryl cooked a really nice Christmas dinner and even made rum sauce for the Christmas Pudding. I got lots of nice gifts for Christmas and I feel very lucky indeed.

Day 24 – T’was the night before

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, everyone was watching A Muppet's Christmas Carol and eating cheese 🙂 Love how cozy the Christmas tree makes the house. Ralph and Holly brought me a present to say Thank you and Goodbye until next year...

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