Prep Work

Today is the day of preparation as Leanne gets married tomorrow!! Months of planning and organisation are coming together tonight ready for the big day tomorrow.... and its EXCITING! #Adamswedding17

Having a Giraffe

I was meant to be working today but ended up with the day off. Had a mainly chilled out day which comprised of lots of snapchats and more colouring. Rich and I even went in to work to collect my shoes and have a chat with Elaine 🙂

Claire’s Hair

Today Clizz, Kirstles and I had the day off. We weren't sure what we were going to do until Claire said about getting her hair cut... Next thing you know I had her booked in for 1.30 and it was all coming off! To give you an idea she pretty much had the green part... Continue Reading →

Cookie Monday

A nice chilled out bank holiday Monday comprised of cookies, rock cakes (Thanks Helen!) and Wagamama lunch. I'm looking forward to a busy but exciting week 🙂

The Final Countdown

We collected the bridesmaid dresses today 🙂 We are less than a week away from the wedding now and its all getting a bit exciting! STILL haven't decided what I am going to do with my nails lol! Nightmare, but I do like this holo glitter that Helen has suggested... we will see!

Pub and Selfie Times

Tonight we went to the pub with Kayla, Dan, Claire and Lee. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing and ended up with us back at Kayla's watching Paul and having a laugh. While waiting for Kayla and Dan to get back to the house I took the opportunity to make... Continue Reading →

Nail Emergency!

I broke my nail! 😦 A week before the wedding, and I've only gone and broken my bloody nail 😦 It's so sore! UPDATE - I have had my nail repaired and it looks good as new! Helen is amazing ❤  

Block the road

As Kirstles and I drove to work this morning (Kirstles drove... Don't use your phone while driving!) we were met with the usual Wednesday sight of traffic because of the bin men... but this time they were parked right in the middle of the road....

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