Back to Brown ?

If you followed my blog last year you will know that I previously had ginger brown hair, and in October I changed it up quite a lot to be blonde. I loved the blonde and I had really gotten used to it. It does, however come with a price tag that is just a little... Continue Reading →

Bread and Butter Pudding

I love bread and butter pudding. I don't know why but I really fancied one and it definitely hit the spot. I love all the warm autumn/ winter deserts like spotted dick and sticky toffee pudding 🙂 I can't wait for more over the next coming months; I might even have a go at making... Continue Reading →

Cutie Cuddles

This adorable one was in today to give me lots of cuddles. Loki really is a people dog; he loves being with us all and loves the attention. Today he decided that my bed was his bed and he wasn't moving. It might just have been that he had a haircut and was feeling a... Continue Reading →

Nail Art Course

Today I completed a Gel Nail art course and I loved it! I did my gel polish course back in July at the Alex Bates Education Academy and it was really awesome. It was something new that I wanted to explore and I am so glad I did it. When I was told that Alex was... Continue Reading →

Just scary

So this is just a little terrifying! LolRich and I went to the range in search of cable tidies for my room; and obviously because it's the Autumn now it means that they had a lot of Halloween decorations. Rich decided that he had to put this mask on but for no other reason than to... Continue Reading →

First PSL of the year

Today I had my first Pumpkin spiced latte and so that means Autumn is officially here! It was so nice to spend the day chilling out with Rich and then heading over for a Starbucks together. I can get so busy sometimes and it's just nice to not have anything we have to do. 


We had a new girl start with us last month, her name is Sky.She is so lovely and she is getting on really well with her job. She took this photo yesterday just before we went home and then sent it to me today.  I like working as part of a small team as we... Continue Reading →

Churros Heaven

When we were away in Spain, we went to a massive Spanish market. On the market they had these Churro stalls (think dinky donuts by the beach type set up) and I just had to have some! I really like Churros and my god were they good - even Rich had one. About 2 weeks... Continue Reading →

Soppy Puppy

Honestly I can't tell you how quickly this dog has grown! Since we got him in March this year he really has become a massive part of the family and we just couldn't be without him now. Just recently he has taken to coming in to my room, jumping up on my bed (now that... Continue Reading →

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