Yep…That’s me

Hi I’m Ally.

A 26 year old dental nurse with an obsession with food, stationary and socializing.

2016 was an odd year; My life changed considerably compared to what I was used to and has taken some fairly major twists and turns.

I decided to use this upheaval to make some changed in my day-to-day life and try to become more positive…you know because life is too short.

2017 was supposed to be a big exciting year for me and despite everything I intend to keep it that way!

I take a lot of photos; friends, family, food, random selfies. Each of my photos is a memory and that makes them priceless. One afternoon I sat thinking about how I could focus more on all the positive things I did with my life and suddenly the idea for this blog was born.

Everyday I would post a picture with a little description that matched my day. That way next year I could look back and see all the amazing things and wonderful people that I have filled my life with.