Looks OK to me?

This is an x-ray of my little finger. I know this seems a little strange but my little finger has been so painful today, and the last time I had this kind of pain in one of my fingers it was because I broke it playing that Light smashing game at the arcade in Milton Keynes – This has happened multiple times lol!
Anyway,  I thought I would just have a little look see check it wasn’t another broken finger and I think it’s fine (You can see my gel nails in the x-ray pretty well which I am impressed with haha).
I mean in my non-expert opinion it doesn’t look broken or anything so could just be bruised or something I guess… Maybe I’ll get Leanne to take a look at my x-ray after all she knows these things haha!

UPDATE! – I asked Leanne, and expert option confirmed I have not broken my finger! YAY

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