Back to school feeling?

I can’t remember the last time I thought about that ‘Back to school new start’ feeling.

I am well over the age of school years and the dreaded feeling of early mornings after 6 glorious weeks off. I don’t have any children of my own and even my sister is about 5 years too old for school now. The only reminders I have that it’s a new school year is the 101 teachers and mum’s trying to make dental appointments “before they go back to school on Wednesday”, and my mother-in-law’s disappointment that she will be back to work for teacher training on Monday.
When I think about it, the only two things I loved about back to school time was the stationary (ALL THE SHINY NEW PENS!) and that “Back to school new start” feeling.
A new school year meant new blank note books & new goals; a clean slate as it were.

 I think as an adult (unless you’re a teacher ha-ha) you get into that habit of thinking fresh starts can only be on January 1st or when you change job, move house or start a new relationship. That idea that any fresh start or new ‘thing’, has to commence on some milestone moment or date for it to work out. I know I am really guilty of this, and this year back to school season has really has me thinking.

Last year, I was posting a photo every day to my little blog; documenting my life through the pictures I took. I guess, yeah, while it wasn’t anything big or flash it was something that I was doing for myself and I really enjoyed it.
When January came around I wanted to try something different, I wanted to try Vlogging and writing different kinds of post for my blog. Leaving behind my photo a day, I tried to get into new things but one thing or another stopped them from working out and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t unhappy about that.
Thinking about it now, whilst Vlogging was hard with all the editing you had to do, I loved doing it. I loved filming bits of my life to share with people and if I am completely honest I only stopped doing it because someone told me that my “vlogs were boring” and I started to wonder if there was any point filming my boring life.
(Note to self – film what you love not what people think is ‘less boring’!)

 I have wanted to start back into my blog so many times this year (You may remember my post in June that said I was going to try and get back into it) But I kept putting it off or saying ‘Ill wait for this milestone or this time’.  I have even been thinking that I will have to leave it until January next year to start again!
Sitting here writing it now it seems utterly ridiculous to think that I have to wait until next year to start writing and posting again.
There is no written rule that states “you must only start new ventures on set days of the year” when you are trying something new you really can just start whenever you want (Unless its something like planting daffodils in July in which case you probably should wait for the right season lol)

Have you got something that you want to start? A new hobby? A bullet journal? A blog? What’s stopping you? Is it the thought that it must be the 1st of the month or January even? My advice to anyone in the same kind of position as me is – Just get on with it! Don’t wait for the next milestone or the next 1st of the year, just get started.

With that said, I will be starting my photo a day again here on Foxy Socks and I will also be trying to incorporate some other blog posts and features as well. It may reach lots of people, it may just be me and my sister that look at them; but I will be doing something I enjoy and that’s what life it about!

 A fresh start is a fresh start, no matter if its on a Thursday or if it’s at 6.30 in the evening; don’t let time or date stop you from doing what you want to do – Ally

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