I miss my blog!

I have missed my blog!

Everyday last year I posted something on this little space of internet relating to my life. I won’t lie some days I found it a bit of a chore, some days I thought my life was just too boring to have a blog and others way too stressful, but I really did love posting my pictures.
2017 was such a drama filled year for so many reasons and when 2018 came around I wanted to leave all the drama behind me. I’m happy to say that for the most part that has actually happened.

IMG_20180606_113306_759.jpgJanuary came around and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do another 365 days of photos again. I didn’t really want to give up my blog and my little space but I didn’t know what to do with it. In March I thought about starting up again but for some reason managed to convince myself that March was too late in the year to start and there was no point to it
(Yes I realise this is stupid now …. Only taken me 3 months to realise this  haha!)

At the beginning of May, I got an email to tell me that I needed to pay for my WordPress plan again and my domain mapping. It didn’t cost me a lot so I just let it roll over. It started me thinking about my blog again and how I wanted to use it; to make something of it again. I missed my blogging, and a couple of things that happened made me decide to finally get myself sorted & online.

So what sparked my want to get back into blogging?
There were a few things:

IMG_20180522_110603_209.jpgI GOT ENGAGED!
My wonderful boyfriend asked me to marry him and I literally can’t tell you how happy I am. I wanted to share this with everyone and yeah, I wanted to write about it on my blog! (I will write a whole post directly dedicated to this lol)

I went to a blogging event with my friend as her plus 1 (much more successful blogger than me lol) and I just loved every minute of it.

IMG_20180606_112646_569.jpgI missed being able to look back at the beginning of this year and see what had happened. I mean, We got a dog!… he started off tiny and he’s so big now; I feel like I should have documented this more.

IMG_20180420_103706_804.jpgI also started drawing these little cartoon characters on my Ipad, about me and my other half mainly, but occasionally about friends too. Rich said that I should put them on my blog and that should be a reason to start it up again.

So, I’m going to be updating my blog a little bit and making it a bit more of a “lifestyle” type blog focused on the things that are happening in my life and the things that interest me & my little doodles.

It might be a disaster, it might be a success but Hey! Stick around, see what happens ….. it could be fun!

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