wp-1484782799071.jpgWhen I started this post I was sat with Elaine discussing beige…..I’m not implying Elaine is beige; I’m just telling you she was there lol.

Looking over my pictures of 2017 so far, I can’t help but feel my photo life is a little boring beige. I feel like I need a change, something a bit more colourful! I am hoping this is going to come in the form of possibly a new hairstyle and some awesome trips out to cool new places.

Today’s NOT beige picture is of Kirstles and I as deer on snapchat in Starbucks at 9pm…..oh and that’s Alex and Soapy in the background (We did try to take it without them noticing #fail ) I love that Starbucks in Mk is 24 hour, because who doesn’t need coffee late into the night!

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