It’s ok to be sad

wp-1484656188336.jpgThis post is for a lovely friend of mine, who needs reminding –  It’s OK to be sad, things will get better!

Recently, quite a few of my friends have been going through some bad times and punishing themselves for feeling sad about it. Life is not always straight forward and it’s definitely not easy. Sometimes bad things happen, and the most important thing to remember that it’s OK to be unhappy when they do.

I feel like there is an immense pressure to be constantly positive when it comes to problems and difficult situations; and this can sometimes make you feel like you’re not allowed to be upset. I for one, am super guilty of allowing myself to feel like this!

Its normal to get upset, and to feel sorry for yourself when bad things happen; It really is OK to be sad. Of course, I’m not telling you to live in a perpetual state of sadness, I’m just saying its OK to take an hour, a day, a weekend to feel down about things; and then try to rock your positivity.

Don’t forget- You are awesome even if the situation isn’t!

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